Help, my voice is not being registered!
Make sure you have allowed this website to access your microphone. Also make sure you have installed the latest verion of your browser and your microphone is being recognized in your system. If you continue having problems, try Google Chrome.
How can I say something to you?
Join the Ponytone Discord server and yell at me (@katieberry#8560). I want to hear your feedback!
Why are you missing [feature]?
Ponytone is in early development! Let me know what you'd like to see.
Why don't you support my browser?
Ponytone uses several advanced web technologies, including WebRTC and Web Audio. Not all browsers (especially, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari) have support for these features yet. If you are using a browser you think should work, make sure your browser can play MP3s and MP4s properly.
How can I remove a song I accidentally added?
You can remove the song by singing it all the way through! — Sorry, but removal of selected songs is currently not yet implemented.
Where can I get the invite link after joining the party?
Select the url in the navigation bar and share that link with your friends. Then they can just join by visiting the link!
Is this not totally a ripoff of My Little Karaoke?
Absolutely! They seem pretty okay with it.
Where can I get the source code?
Over on GitHub!
Has anyone ever actually asked these questions?